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Blender renders

This page displays non final renders of scenes that I made on my free time using Blender.
I made these two scenes for practice as firsts projects on Blender.
Blender Render Cycles Meyerowitz Stairway
Blender Render Cycles House Mountains Particles
The first of the two is inspired from a photo by Joel Meyerowitz of a stairway from his book: Cape Light.
The second one was inspired from a video of Blender Guru. The main challenge was to create entropy and a huge amount of objects using particle system.
Here are more details on the scene and its mesh.
Blender Scene Meyerowitz
Blender Scene Meyerowitz Mesh
Many materials where 100% made procedurally. This is the case for the wood texture using noise, mustgrave, wave and voronoi textures which are analytical. Not only for color but also normals, roughness or specularity. These textures were also used to create entropy and add details for a more realistic aspect.
Blender Material Meyerowitz
Nodes Blender Material Meyerowitz
The second scene uses many particles to simulate vegetation. Far away trees where made using big clump of grass. Here, only 10% of all particles are shown.
Blender Scene Cabin Wood Mountains
Blender Scene Cabin Wood Mountains Particles System
I also used weight painting and vertex painting to alternate between ground and rocks for the mountains.
Blender Weight Paint Particles System
Blender Vertex Paint Materials
Both pictures where denoised using Intel's denoiser during compositing.
Zoom Render Denoised Intel
Zoom Render Noise